Your mission... Should you choose to accept it...

-= Inferno... Proceed with extreme caution =-

The following is Inferno, one of my computers. As you can probably see, the unique feature about this one is that it is my "Moddin" computer. That means that it has been built from scratch and customized to my likings. Basically, I got my parts on online and offline computer stores along with Ace hardware and Radio Shack. I'm not going into much detail on what I did or how I did it because that will take too long; but I will try to make a list of what is currently inside along with some plans for "Inferno V2": my next project, bigger, bolder, and finall... hydro-cooling.

* Athlon AMD 1800+ XP
* FIC AN11 motherboard (AGP, PCI, DDR, ATA100, RAID)
* Microsoft Windows XP Pro
* 350 Watts Power Supply
* nVidia GeForce2 MX 200 64MB (OC'ed 220MHz/180MHz) with dual heat-sink
* CPU/GPU fans
* Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum (with bay drive access and remote control)
* Dual 10/100Mbps NIC
* USB, FireWire, MIDI, SPDIF, Optical
* Several fans for intakes and outtakes to circulate air throughout the case
* 130GB total of hard drive space
* 4GB HD mod with a window
* Light spinning Fan
* Fan speed controller (7v, 12v, 17v, off)
* Voltmeter to read fans' voltages
* Rounded cables through out the case to maximize air flow
* DVD drive, CD-ROM drive, CD-RW drive, Zip 100, Floppy
* LCD (displays anything about Inferno and its softwares)
* Lots of L.E.D.'s, internal cold cathode ray tube (internal light), light string (bottom light)

(you might notice that some components in Inferno aren't consistent, it is due to the fact that the pictures were not taken all at once)

My future plans for Inferno V2 include the following:

* Full tower case, with new paint design (black, yellow, silverish)
* New window cut-out design
* Of course, hydro cooling
* Less fans (less noise)
* 172mm Fan
* 5" Color LCD (mount in front of case)
* Tachometer (processor usage percentage)
* Thermal sensors and for various temperature read-out

Thoughts and/or comments? Leave a note.

-= Inferno v1 =-