Your mission... Should you choose to accept it...

-= Big game players, make big game plays! =-

-= Girls or Paintball =-
* Paintguns aren't warm and cuddly.
* It is ok if you over lube your girlfriend.
* You laugh when your girlfriend farts.
* Girls basically clean and maintain themselves.
* Changing the appearance of your girlfriend is easier than an anodize and mill job.
* You can leave your girl at home on sunday.
* When you talk to a girl and call her by name - people don't look at you funny.
* Girls don't have brass nipples.
* Girls don't run out of air.
* Paintguns won't lick your welts.
* You don't mind a "wet barrel" on a girl.
* Even if your "paint" doenst match the "barrel" - a good girl will tell you it is a good size.
* A girl doesn't throw anything at you at 300fps.
* A girl wont chop your (paint) balls.
* Most guys wont look at your girl and tell you it sucks (to your face).
* You can take your girl in public and not have the police harrass you.

*** By the way... *** =====>>>>>
Yup... that's my new baby... ICD Bushy BKO!!!

* Gold BKO Stock
* On/Off ASA on rail
* Macroline
* 68ci 3000psi Fiber wrapped tank
* AKA Sidewinder Regulator
* AKA MitteyMax
* Equation Bizerk Pro Barrel System
* eVLution II
* AKA Tornado Valve
* Palmer Rock LPR with Zenitram ASA
* Custom Modified Body Milling, No-rise, and Stubby Bolt
* SP Mod
* Chaos chip
* OffTheBreak 90 Vertical Frame!!!

*** Future Upgrades ***
* Final anodizing job
* Custom ACE PDS!!!

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Sir Stunna Lot
upgrade from rec/woodball to speedball

Duo Flashwell
I know you like the name Leo

Evil Eye Kittie
Impulse Girlz

Sir Stunna Lot
night ops

I know yall like the look
but it is a bitch under the sun... sorta...

JT Spectra Proteus
primary line of defense against facial hazards

m98c GT
next mod for speedball (update: prototype only)

Uncler Jer's Cocker
uhhh... can i say... parts from at least a dozen different manufacturers?

Final Tippmann 98 Custom "Hella" Mod'ed
not quite like the prototype, but still hella sweet!!!

Sir Stunna Lot
lite woodland

Matt's RAT Impulse
what can we say, he likes blue

Newb move of the year?!?!
I know you hate this title Matt =D

Dumb move of the year
375 feet/second from 2 inches... BAD idea

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